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1Strategy works with
AWS Managed Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently announced a new service, AWS Managed Services (AWS MS), which is targeted at helping Enterprises adopt the cloud at scale. While the service takes care of the undifferentiated heavy lifting of managing AWS infrastructure, consulting partners are needed to help onboard customers, migrate applications, and integrate the service with their existing ITSMs and processes.

1Strategy is excited to be included as one of the initial AWS Partner Network (APN) partners selected to support these activities for AWS MS. To be included, 1Strategy received service-specific training and simulated an end-to-end onboarding engagement that would be experienced by a customer. Upon completion of onboarding, 1Strategy was able to demonstrate its ability to migrate customer workloads using our proven ability to enable customers to launch, operate, innovate, optimize, and reduce costs on AWS.

“We are thrilled to be included as an initial launch partner for AWS Managed Services, which represents the culmination of months of hard work, dedication, and being in lockstep with Amazon’s preferred delivery methods and standards of excellence,” said Rich Uhl, 1Strategy founder and CTO. “There remains huge opportunity in this market and we’re positioned well to grow with it.

As an APN Advanced Consulting Partner, 1Strategy’s team has been deploying AWS solutions since 2007 and will continue applying its expertise and commitment to AWS best practices. In addition to our expertise with AWS MS, 1Strategy is an experienced AWS partner who understands how to implement migration, automation, DevOps, Security, Big Data, and other cloud solutions offered by AWS.