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1Strategy 2016 Business Update

The year in review
1Strategy started almost 18 months ago and we’ve made huge strides in that time. We now have many customers, including several great brands such as the Seattle Times, Cambia Health, Workfront, and We conducted 16 days of boot camps, 2 executive roundtables, and our 1Strategy Cloud Summit in Utah (250+ attendees, 77 customers).
This past year, we found a gap in the market calling for custom AWS trainings and set out to fill it. We conducted many custom trainings including an engagement with Workfront. For these organizations, we focused on both training and education. For instance, our CloudFormation deep-dive, a custom training with one customer yielded templates they can use in the future for their own production environments.
In March, we entered into a joint venture with Beyondsoft, a global IT services and solutions company headquartered in Bellevue, Washington with global headquarters in Beijing, China. Beyondsoft already enjoys a great reputation with top tier clients like Toyota and Thomson-Reuters. We are very excited about this venture and the opportunities it presents us for future growth.
1Strategy is making investments in AWS customers and continues to see great opportunities to develop deeper relationships with customers as we continue to grow the business.
Re:Invent and the Seahawks
1Strategy made quite a splash at AWS re:Invent as a Gold sponsor and exceeded all expectations with both booth traffic and new business development. Our Dot, Echo, and drone giveaways through social media were extremely popular.

As part of driving AWS customer engagement, we recently hosted AWS account reps and several customers in our Seahawks suite. Everyone had a great time!

Big Data and Healthcare
Rich Uhl had the honor of sharing the stage with Arnoud Otte of Cambia Health and Ujjwal Ratan from AWS to discuss “Data Science and Healthcare: Running Large Scale Analytics and Machine Learning.” The session was popular enough to warrant a reprise the following day and session survey respondents gave it high marks (4+/5).

Rich also presented “To Migrate or Transform your Workload? That is the Question” with inContact, where we shared the best approaches for migrating to AWS.
It was great to see 1Strategy be one of the APN partners included in the AWS 2016 Technical Recap: Healthcare and Life Sciences blog post. The post highlighted partners who participated in the first pre-day at re:Invent 2016 with both Healthcare and Life Sciences tracks.
Looking ahead
1Strategy’s presence at re:Invent afforded us the opportunity to engage with potential customers from all over the country, which will help us diversify geographically. For 2017, we are focusing on custom education and customer-driven training, and big data for financial services and healthcare. In addition to our Cloud Summit, which is scheduled for May 23, 2017, we have many other training sessions and an executive roundtable scheduled.
And, we’ll be able to help more customers move to the cloud since becoming one of the initial APN partners selected for the new AWS Managed Services program. To be included, 1Strategy received service-specific training and simulated an end-to-end on-boarding engagement that would be experienced by a customer while demonstrating our ability to migrate customer workloads.
1Strategy can help you with AWS education, above and beyond the regular AWS curriculum, especially on specific technologies.