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1Strategy is Proud to Host their First Ever  Women-Specific AWS Boot Camps!


During the past 18 months, 1Strategy has hosted multiple 2-day boot camps providing instruction regarding Amazon Web Services (AWS). These boot camps are available at no cost and are delivered by 1Strategy’s AWS experts to introduce AWS products and services to new audiences or to supplement the skills of those who are already familiar with AWS and assist them in their day-to-day workloads.
However, in every boot camp we’ve noticed a common theme: the majority of the faces in the room belong to men! There is a glaring lack of women in attendance. Many times, our female employees and guest presenters are the only women in the room. WE WANT TO CHANGE THIS! So, we are hosting our first-ever, women-centric “Women in Tech” boot camps this spring.
We know this lop-sided representation is not specific to our boot camps. Women are notoriously inadequately represented in the tech industry. Lack of gender equality in STEM subjects is recognized by many as problem and several organizations exist to try to overcome this disparity and help in the pipeline (our team supported one of them by participating in the re:Invent 5K which raised for Girls Who Code).
However, with 1Strategy’s roots split between the Silicon Slopes of Utah and the geek Mecca of Seattle, we know that the female talent pool isn’t zero – which is what we’re seeing. We know that there is no shortage of capable women in technology at companies not currently using AWS, but who want to learn more.
These boot camps are broken down into two days:

  • Day one is for beginners and covers core concepts in AWS; no previous AWS experience is needed. A working knowledge of distributed systems and multi-tier architectures and a familiarity with general networking and cloud computing concepts is needed.
  • Day two covers intermediate concepts, with a heavier focus on architecture. The target audience is those with 6 months to 1+ year of AWS experience.

We usually encourage participants to register for the day that best fits their experience level and needs, but often people come to both classes in the same session. Although we still recommend choosing the day that will be appropriate for your experience, we welcome all to participate in both days.
Location of Women in Tech boot camps:

Registration is now open! We invite you to join us and connect with women in tech.
Any questions? Ask me