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1Strategy 2017 Business Review

Year in Review

2017 has been an amazing year of growth for us with brilliant new additions to the 1Strategy family, a number of new customers across a variety of different industries, and several new and interesting projects. Over the last twelve months, we’ve more than doubled our number of customers from 19 to 47, grew our boot camps and executive roundtable offerings to 18 days of free training and events, and expanded our customer base to cover every time zone in the US and even a few in Europe. Below are just a few of the highlights for us over the last year.

Our Team

Over the last year we have almost double the size our delivery team and added some key rock stars to our business team to help drive us forward. We set the bar high for our delivery team’s level of expertise and they cleared it without any problem. Every person to join the delivery team in 2017 had at least one Amazon Web Services (AWS) Associate level certification within 60 days, two within 90 days, and a few decided to go above & beyond and get a professional certification within their first 6 months. Our team’s hard work paid off in October of 2017, when we become the first AWS Partner to be invited to participate in creating the questions for one of the new AWS Certification Exams coming out this year.
I am excited to say we have achieved a feat many tech companies strive for: 1Strategy ended 2017 with an equal number of women and men employed at our company; our DevOps Engineering team is almost entirely women and our business leadership team consists of two women and one man. When we say we promote Women-in-Tech, we are practicing what we preach and are proud of it!

Our Customers

This past year we’ve seen growth in all key areas of our business. Our customer base has doubled, our current offerings and solutions expanded, and we added a few new offerings to our existing set.
In 2017, we expanded our customer base across a variety of company sizes, industries, and geographical locations. We’ve gained some amazing customers of all sizes from global media enterprises to two-man marketing data startups. A few of our biggest new customers include genealogy company, application delivery provider F5 Networks, and online retailer Zulily. You can read about some of the great customers we worked with over the last year on our 1Strategy Case Studies page.

Our Projects

Some of our most popular offerings in 2017 were our Big Data, Migration, Education, and Well-Architected solutions. Education still remains one of our cornerstones and is incorporated in nearly all of our customer engagements.
Our training offerings have expanded to include new topics and AWS services such as Big Data, Serverless, and DevOps. We have provided these trainings for customers all across the US; over and over again we see how much education contributes to our customers’ success. In addition, to show our commitment to educating and empowering our customers, we publish weekly blog articles to help anyone working on specific AWS projects find technical answers they need.
One of the most exciting offerings that has contributed to our growth in 2017 is the AWS Well-Architected Review. Although the Well-Architected Review is not a new offering, last year AWS created the Well-Architected Review Program. This program qualifies a select number of Partners to conduct architectural reviews for customers and then help them implement and execute some of the recommendations for improvement provided in the review. We were fortunate to be one of approximately ten AWS Partners selected globally to participate in the AWS Well-Architected Review Program. One of the best features of the program is that it is not limited to companies of a specific size or industry. Over the last year we conducted reviews for companies ranging in size from startups to enterprises. The Well-Architected Review program was so popular with our customers that we were the top AWS Partner for delivering reviews in 2017.

What’s to Come

2018 is already lining up to be a great year for us. The year kicked off with a number of exciting new projects focusing on Big Data and DevOps, great new customers in the finance and utilities industries, and boot camps in four different states. We are expanding our event offerings in Seattle, Salt Lake City, Portland, and Denver. This year, we are increasing the number of boot camps we host in Portland, running our first ever boot camps in Denver, and bringing our Executive Roundtables to Seattle. Check out our Events Page to see what we have coming up.
Thank you for all your support this past year. We would not have made it to where we are today without the partnership and support of AWS, Beyondsoft Consulting, and of course our families. We can’t wait to see what 2018 will bring for us.