February 6th, 2018
Build On. Build Better.
By Kevann Davis

Many of us have seen the new AWS campaign encouraging people everywhere to “Build On.” After all, AWS is the “Cloud for Builders. The innovators, the collaborators, the creators. The ones who see what doesn’t exist, and then make it exist.” AWS believes “that nothing should stand in the builder’s way, and dreams never have to turn off.”

So here you sit with a plethora of AWS tools in front of you. These tools are amazing and enable you to feel free to let your dreams take you to places other people never thought possible. Just build whatever you can imagine and soar to new atmospheric heights. Ready? Set? Go. What are you waiting for? Are you feeling overwhelmed yet?

AWS has so many tools and resources available that it can feel a bit daunting. Most people who migrate to the AWS cloud have at a solid understanding of architecture and at least some exposure to or experience with AWS. However, sometimes it can get a little messy.

As the builders, you and your team might get neck deep into the project, stop and look around only to realize the framing is not level, the plumbing and electrical are definitely not up to code, and that you’ve tiled yourself into a corner. Okay, so I’m painting with the brush of hyperbole; we know that none of you are that inept. But let’s face it: you know what you’re doing, but that doesn’t mean you know the best ways to utilize all of your fancy new tools.

That’s exactly why 1Strategy exists. We are here to teach you how to use the tools AWS has created and to guide you through your project. We want to empower you to “Build Better.” There are so many ways that 1Strategy can help!

First, we host and facilitate several events, designed specifically to give you the skills and confidence you need. From our monthly Meetups to our quarterly Women-in-Tech Brunch and Learns (Salt Lake & Seattle) to our public Boot Camps to our Custom Workshops, we are here to educate you so that you can use the best tools for the job.

Second, we publish several technical blog articles every month. Written by our AWS experts—people who know and use AWS tools and build on AWS daily—these articles sometimes provide an overview to help you get your feet wet and sometimes they are focused tutorials. These articles are posted to our website and also through our social media channels, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Finally, 1Strategy is one of approximately ten AWS Partners globally who are authorized to conduct an AWS Well-Architected Review. This review “evaluates a company’s architecture, provides guidance and best practices, and delivers a detailed outline of analysis and recommendations, including remediation steps or actions. Through the Well-Architected Review program, our experts have helped customers save up to 60% of their monthly AWS bill, preemptively mitigate major security risks, and establish best practices for future migrations to AWS,” (from Are you Well-Architected, Maddi Merrill).

To see examples of how we’ve helped our customers, check out our Case Studies. Then, come to us with your questions. If you need help to determine how to build better or you’re interested in learning more about the Well-Architected Review program, contact us at info@1Strategy.com.