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1Strategy Achieves AWS DevOps Competency Status

The entire 1Strategy team is proud to announce that we have qualified for and achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) DevOps Competency status! This designation recognizes that we provide the technical knowledge and skill to help customers implement CI/CD practices or help them automate infrastructure provisioning and management with configuration management tools on AWS.


AWS Competency Program

AWS is enabling scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions from startups to global enterprises. To support the seamless integration and deployment of these solutions, AWS established the AWS Competency Program to help customers identify Consulting and Technology APN Partners with deep industry experience and expertise.
Achieving the AWS DevOps Competency differentiates 1Strategy as an AWS Partner Network (APN) member that provides specialized demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success with specific focus on consulting—helping customers architect and migrate workloads to AWS including Big Data, DevOps transformations, CI/CD, and automation. To receive the designation, APN Partners must possess deep AWS expertise and deliver solutions seamlessly on AWS.

What this Means

AWS has recognized that we have the proven expertise needed to help our customers (and potential customers) to fully take advantage of innovative AWS products and services at the rapid pace they are made available. “This competency demonstrates that we have met the high bar for certifications and experience that AWS requires of their most trusted partners,” said Jen Doyle, Director of Operations and Business Development. “In addition, it represents 1Strategy’s commitment to providing all of our customers with exceptional service and the most up-to-date information available.”
As an APN Partner, 1Strategy is able to help customers optimize their use of the multitude of AWS solutions at a level they’d receive from AWS. “From day one, Adobe set the expectation that 1Strategy should provide the same level of competency and attention we’d come to expect from AWS directly. [1Strategy’s] team not only meet those expectations, but exceeded them,” said Dan Neff, Operations Architect at Adobe.
“Using AWS, allows us to spend our time improving our product and not having to worry about the infrastructure associated in running our product,” said Alex Daw, Chief Architect at Experticity. “1Strategy trained our developers and infrastructure team on various pieces of AWS infrastructure to allow us to migrate our entire production environment onto AWS…In addition, 1Strategy also reeducated our team on how to operate in the cloud and what AWS solutions and services would serve us best.”

Find out more

To learn more about the customers 1Strategy has helped through their DevOps journey, check out the case studies considered for this competency. You can also access information about several other customers on the 1Strategy case studies page.

About 1Strategy

1Strategy is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner focusing exclusively on AWS, with experts having deployed AWS solutions since 2007. 1Strategy holds the AWS DevOps Competency and specializes in helping customers architect and migrate workloads to AWS including Big Data, DevOps transformations, CI/CD, and automation. 1Strategy has established itself as a leader in consulting services, custom training, and support. 1Strategy was chosen as a Launch Partner to the AWS Managed Service Partner program and is working in AWS Public Sector Program. In 2017, 1Strategy was one of ten AWS Partners globally who was qualified and authorized by AWS to conduct a Well-Architected Review and that year conducted more Well-Architected reviews than any other partner in the AWS eco-system. 1Strategy continues to demonstrate their proven success by helping companies enhance their AWS architecture to be more cost-effective, secure, and reliable.