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How to set yourself apart in the recruiting process

Candidates often ask, “How do I set myself apart from other applicants in the interview process?”
Researching 1Strategy (or any company you want to work for) and business philosophy is key. The history and accomplishments of 1Strategy will continually surface throughout the interview process—even from the initial application phase. It is also important while interviewing to be genuine, clear, concise, and invested in interviews.
We value candidates who have sincere interest and engagement in the business, have insight into the industry, and who are fully invested with our leadership principles. We operate like a small family and are highly focused on candidates who are creative, active learners, and have a passion for delivering solutions to our clients—and to each other.

So, how can you stand out as an active candidate?

Keep your resume up to date. Make sure timelines are correct, responsibilities are updated, tools and systems are updated.
Take the initial steps to build a relationship with your Recruiter. As a recruiter, I see myself as an advocate for the organization and the candidate. I know and understand both sides of the interview process have serious decisions to make when getting to the offer stages. During a phone screen with the recruiter, show enthusiasm and sincere interest about the position by researching 1Strategy the successes and recent news; this could be via LinkedIn, Google, or recent events we have attended.
Answer questions clearly. Be concise and be relevant during the interview process.
Have an aptitude to learn. We are looking for future team members who are not only savvy, but have the willingness and excitement to learn new skillsets.
Give specifics during the interview process. Provide detailed examples of your successes and times of opportunity. Did you work on a team or was individual delivery? What did you learn? What would you do differently in the future?
Don’t rush. Take a moment to gather your thoughts during interviews. Pause, take a deep breath, reflect, take your time to answer questions.
Don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know” to an interview question. If you don’t know an answer to a question do not try to fight to find an answer. We target active learners—and let’s be real, we all don’t know everything. But the ability to learn and be curious is everything.
Show you have the adaptability and flexibility for organizational change.
Explain how you take initiative. How have you worked individually, with teams and adapt in a changing environment?
Have the discussion during the interview about being growth orientated. Great candidates can address their desire to grow in a position and add to their current skillset. These skillsets also show a sense of curiosity and ability to think outside of the box.
Be genuine in your delivery and confident and comfortable with who you are and what you can contribute and learn in a team environment.
Job searching isn’t easy, and it is a major life change when you find the right fit in in a new job opportunity.
There is never a simple turn key solution on how to set yourself apart from different candidates. Though taking the job interviewing process seriously, doing research on the organization and aligning your professional values with the organization you are interviewing with will set any candidate up for success.
Check out the careers available at 1Strategy HERE. We’re always looking for teammates who raise the bar and strengthen our team!