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2019 – Real Stories of Real Impact

It is common for a business to take a look back at its endeavors at the end of each year. As I have been pondering all we have accomplished I found myself drawn to our people’s contributions. I am proud to have seen growth in our team and see 1Strategy drive in a direction that continues to astound me.

Our most impressive achievements of 2019 are our customers’ successes, made possible by our people. It has become clear to me that we are a business of builders. We build people, we build knowledge, we build solutions, and most importantly we build the future. Take a moment with me to reflect on our team’s individual contributions to build better.

I want to share some of the comments captured from our internal Slack #shout-outs channel to highlight the small actions that contribute to our overall customer accomplishments. Here are a few of note. Individual and customer names removed to demonstrate how individual roles create the sum of all those contributions.

From our customers about our individuals

  • “I wanted to let you know how much our entire team enjoyed working with Consultant. Not only was she quite knowledgeable about AWS, she was able to communicate details and/or actions with our team in a very clear and concise manner.”
  • “Working with the entire 1Strategy team is always a spectacular experience. Professional, knowledgeable, and capable, the team is always responsive and effective.”
  • “Things are going great! Consultant has been great! We are ahead of schedule and things are looking really good.”
  • Consultant is always figuring out some complex combination of AWS services to solve real-world customer problems. We’ve been able to reuse her work on several cross-region replication solutions to benefit other customers, saving the team time and money.”

Not only do our customers recognize our individual contributions, but we celebrate and express gratitude for each other.

From our team members about each other

  • “Shout out to Consultant for providing Customer with an incredibly detailed and well-reasoned CloudWatch Logs strategy to ship logs to Sumo Logic, as well as S3. I encourage you to look it over for a customer-obsessed solution which exemplifies Learn and Be Curious, Invent and Simplify, and Dive Deep.” 
  • “I want to give a shout out to everyone on the delivery team! As we were working on reporting, we noticed that last week was an exceptional week and we surpassed our weekly estimate by more than 20 percent! I just want to celebrate the hard work that we do on all of the projects that we have and the amazing value that each of us provides for our customers. Let’s keep up the good work and end this month strong.”
  • “If I had to pick one leadership principle for Consultant, it would be “Bias for Action.” From jumping on Well-Architected Review remediation, to working on complex cost models for Team Lead, to updating our job descriptions to be more accurate and inclusive, to starting to ramp up on data science, Consultant jumps in with both feet.”
  • “Heard from someone in Louisiana that Consultant’s Blog article was a life saver…from another partner actually. Way to go!”
  • Consultant has been the best mentor for me over the last five weeks. He is perhaps the most patient person I know. I ask and re-ask a lot of questions,; he is always not only willing to answer, but he usually turns my question around into something even more interesting that I hadn’t thought of and needed to learn.”

Later this week we will post some more “official” 2019 business highlights, but I wanted to take a moment to recognize how no business can have a prosperous year without the daily successes of its team members. Our team makes our achievements possible and we’re looking forward to an even better 2020!