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Case Studies

From increasing efficiency to using the best AWS tools, discover how we can help your organization find the right solutions.

AWS Architecture and Networking Proof of Concept

AWS Organizations, Security, & Networking

AWS Foundation and Migration Proof of Concept

AWS Machine Learning and Automation

AWS Control Tower, Networking, and Account Provisioning Automation

Computer Vision Proof of Concept

Microsoft Workflow Migration

AWS Data Lake, Machine Learning, and Infrastructure Optimization

Amazon Forecast Proof of Concept

Corporate Website Migration

Migration, HIPAA, & DevOps

Amazon Sagemaker ML Solutions- Customer Segmentation

AWS AI/ML—Dynamic Pricing Solution

Amazon Sagemaker & Machine Learning Solutions

Sagemaker & Machine Learning

AWS Big Data–Amazon S3 Datalake

Migration to AWS – Serverless & AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Migration to AWS—Data Analytics & Visualization

Application Migration to AWS

AWS Well-Architected Review: Serverless Architecture-AWS Step Functions

Multi Cloud & Co-Location Migration

Serverless Amazon S3 Datalake

Amazon Aurora Migration

AWS Well-Architected Review: Amazon EC2 & Cloudtrail

Security, Disaster Recovery, & Cost Optimization

Amazon S3 & Amazon Athena

Amazon Athena

Disaster Recovery

AWS Cloudformation, Serverless, & Automation

Security & HIPAA

Design & AWS Cloudformation

Cloud Transformation