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Migration to AWS—Data Analytics & Visualization

About Sound Partner Marketing

Sound Partner Marketing (SPM), established in 2018, is a team of performance marketing experts who launch, manage, and grow affiliate marketing programs. The company brings together their experience in managing affiliate programs and other digital marketing channels for large online companies. Sound Partner Marketing works as an extension of a company’s internal marketing team and drives incremental customer and revenue growth to their business through performance-based partnerships.

The Challenge and Why AWS

Sound Partner Marketing specializes in performance-based marketing, which enables companies to pay for the performance of an online advertisement—based on how often it’s viewed, clicked, or if it actually generates a lead or sale. The company was new to building on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and chose AWS because of their ability to provide a fast, cloud-powered business analytics solutions.

“AWS makes it easier for us to meet the high demand in helping online advertisers grow their performance-based partnerships,” said Jeremy Curtis, Founder & CEO at Sound Partner Marketing. SPM approached 1Strategy, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, because they wanted to establish a solid foundation to build on in the future. “Because of their in-depth knowledge of and expertise with AWS, 1Strategy was an ideal choice for empowering SPM to leverage the strengths of AWS quickly,” said Curtis.

The Benefits

In a two-week period, 1Strategy set up Sound Partner Marketing’s AWS account for data repositories, which included the following:

  • Setup and configure landing zone for data files in an Amazon S3 bucket, including appropriate permissions to secure customer data
  • Identify customer requirements for user access and configure appropriate AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) users, groups, and policies to enable Amazon Quicksight access
  • Configure and enable customer’s Amazon Quicksight access to data files stored in Amazon S3
  • Establish customer login IDs for partners and 3rd party access to visualization dashboard
  • Help to identify key values and create dashboards representing customer data
  • Identify how to address multiple customer logins and separation of datasets or dashboards
  • Provide education and training on how to import data and build Amazon Quicksight dashboards

In addition, 1Strategy provided hands-on training and solutions using AWS QuickSight and Tableau—both are business intelligence services used to build visualizations and perform ad-hoc analysis. AWS QuickSight is able to help Sound Partner Marketing in building interactive visualizations on top of various data sources that are hosted on their AWS infrastructure. “We also use Amazon QuickSight for its ability to report on data, and is the only service that offers this functionality in the AWS ecosystem,” added Curtis.

Amazon QuickSight is cost-effective in that it provides 1GB of SPICE for the first user, free per month. SPICE is an acronym for Super-fast, Parallel, In-memory, Calculation Engine and it uses a combination of columnar storage, in-memory technologies enabled through the latest hardware innovations, machine code generation, and data compression to allow users to run interactive queries on large datasets and get rapid responses. Amazon QuickSight also comes with a built-in suggestion engine that provides Sound Partner Marketing with recommended visualizations based on the properties of the underlying datasets.

By migrating to the AWS cloud, Sound Partner Marketing has incorporated data analytics into their infrastructure while providing them with cost-effective, easy to build visualizations, and interactive business intelligence the company needs.

“I can’t say enough good things about my experience in working with 1Strategy,” said Jeremy Curtis, Founder & CEO at Sound Partner Marketing. “1Stategy is extremely knowledgeable of AWS and provided us their valuable assistance with business analytics as they guided us through our AWS migration.”

About the Partner

1Strategy is an Amazon Partner Network (APN) Premier Consulting Partner, focusing exclusively on Amazon Web Services (AWS). 1Strategy helps businesses architect, migrate, and optimize their workloads on AWS, creating scalable, cost-effective, secure, and reliable solutions. 1Strategy also helps customers get real value from their data using comprehensive machine learning models and artificial intelligence. 1Strategy holds the AWS DevOps, Migration, Data & Analytics, Well Architectedand Machine Learning Competencies, and is a partner of the AWS Public Sector Program. 1Strategy was one of the initial ten AWS Partners globally who was qualified and authorized by AWS to conduct a Well-Architected Review and is among the top Well Architected partners in the AWS eco-system. With experts having deployed AWS solutions since 2007, 1Strategy is a leader in custom training—providing customers with the knowledge, tools, and best practices to manage those solutions over time. 1Strategy is a TEKsystems Global Services company with teams in Seattle and Salt Lake City, supporting customers throughout the US and across every vertical. 

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