Case Study: Migration

“1Strategy was instrumental in helping us, in not only deciding to go to Amazon Web Services, but also in providing
custom training to get us up to speed so we could move and shift our data center and re-architect our platform.”

-Adam Horrocks, Architect, inContact

About NICE inContact

NICE inContact (NASDAQ: SAAS) is a leading provider of cloud contact center software and workforce optimization tools for call centers. NICE inContact, based in Salt Lake City, UT, makes it easy and affordable for organizations around the globe to create stand-out customer experiences while meeting key business metrics. NICE inContact offers a complete customer interaction platform in the cloud that is flexible, scalable, and reliable that supports over six billion interactions per year for enterprise, mid-market, government organizations, and business process outsourcers (BPOs) who operate in multiple divisions, locations, and global regions.

The Challenge

NICE inContact helps call centers around the world create profitable customer experiences through its contact center software solutions. They run one of the world’s largest voice call routing and recording workloads, recording 4–8 million calls daily for their customers, continually saving to disk.

NICE inContact had to continually invest in storage and hardware at their two data centers as their customer base rapidly expanded. Each time they added a new customer-facing stack to their existing environment, they had to build out $500,000 in new hardware. They realized that in order to expand and grow internationally they would need to scale quickly without the large, upfront investment of building out new data centers.

NICE inContact faced three major challenges:

  • Quickly spin-up identical, scalable call center stacks
  • Route millions of voice calls from on-premises call routers to scalable call recording/processing servers in the cloud
  • Cost-effectively archive increasing volumes of customer voice calls to low-cost storage

Why Amazon Web Services

With AWS, inContact routes 4–8 million voice calls daily via Route53 to auto-scaling Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances behind AWS Elastic Load Balancers. With AWS CloudFormation templates designed by 1Strategy, inContact can easily provision a new call routing stack in minutes.

NICE inContact also leverages AWS Lambda to process voice call metadata for storage in Amazon DynamoDB for analysis and reporting at massive scale. Recorded contact center voice calls are automatically stored in Amazon S3 and later automatically archived to AWS Glacier storage.

NICE inContact chose 1Strategy, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, to help them with a proof of concept to migrate their SaaS solution to the cloud and to help the company migrate to the AWS Cloud quickly and smoothly, providing ongoing management with custom training built for their needs.

“At inContact we decided to migrate from our private data center to a public cloud,” said Adam Horrocks, Architect at inContact. “1Strategy was instrumental in helping us, in not only deciding to go to Amazon Web Services, but also in providing custom training to get us up to speed in all the technologies so we could move and shift our data center and re-architect our platform. I recommend them highly to anyone who is looking for help to migrate into AWS.”

The Benefits

NICE inContact shrinks time-to-market by deploying their services in minutes using AWS, rather than the months required to deploy data centers around the world. They have dramatically reduced hardware, infrastructure, and operational costs.

For inContact, the benefits of using AWS are the following:

  • Reduced physical overhead
  • Increased speed of deployment
  • Global reach with built-in regions and multiple Availability Zones

Leveraging the benefits of AWS dramatically increased inContact’s effectiveness and efficiency on a global scale.

“1Strategy really helped us hit the ground running as we migrated to AWS cloud,” said Kacie Mayberry, Principle Software Engineer at inContact. “Working together, we targeted different AWS projects including Amazon S3 and Amazon Dynamo DB and 1 Strategy provided us with best practices to use them effectively without costing us a lot of money or performance issues.”

About the Partner

1Strategy is an Amazon Partner Network (APN) Premier Consulting Partner, focusing exclusively on Amazon Web Services (AWS). 1Strategy helps businesses architect, migrate, and optimize their workloads on AWS, creating scalable, cost-effective, secure, and reliable solutions. 1Strategy also helps customers get real value from their data using comprehensive machine learning models and artificial intelligence. 1Strategy holds the AWS DevOps, Migration, Data & Analytics, Well Architectedand Machine Learning Competencies, and is a partner of the AWS Public Sector Program. 1Strategy was one of the initial ten AWS Partners globally who was qualified and authorized by AWS to conduct a Well-Architected Review and is among the top Well Architected partners in the AWS eco-system. With experts having deployed AWS solutions since 2007, 1Strategy is a leader in custom training—providing customers with the knowledge, tools, and best practices to manage those solutions over time. 1Strategy is a TEKsystems Global Services company with teams in Seattle and Salt Lake City, supporting customers throughout the US and across every vertical.

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