AWS Architecture

Building infrastructure using Amazon Web Services can seem daunting and complicated. Let us show you the way. Working closely with your internal teams, we can teach you how to use AWS services and establish best practices for cloud-based solutions throughout your organization.

1Strategy can help you:

  • Better understand AWS services, such as IAM, VPC,CloudWatch, CloudTrail, and more.
  • Create scalable, reliable, and highly available IT infrastructure.
  • Establish greater flexibility and resiliency throughout your systems.
  • Make your existing infrastructure more efficient, which in turn controls costs.

Guide your teams through Amazon Web Services’ well-architected framework.

In addition, AWS offers a Well-Architected program, available through 1Strategy.

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Application Transformation

1Strategy can help you determine how to break apart monolithic applications to help you better take advantage of the AWS platform, including using services such as Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, AWS Glue, and AWS Step Functions, and others. Our experienced professionals can help you meet your application transformation goals.

In addition, 1Strategy possesses the AWS Lambda Service Delivery Designation, validating our expertise with creating Serverless solutions utilizing AWS Lambda.

1Strategy can help you:

  • Transform the value of the applications you have running in on-premises data centers.
  • Create new applications optimized for big data, social media, mobile devices and the Cloud.
  • Understand the right services to leverage when transforming or moving to AWS.

To find out how we’ve helped customers with Application Transformation projects, check out our case studies:


Whether you are already benefiting from Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) various tools or are looking to get started in your Cloud journey, 1Strategy can help you determine a better solution.


1Strategy DevOps consultants help you release code faster, more frequently, and more securely. Plus, with our keen focus on “teaching a person to fish,” we develop teams’ confidence in managing and implementing DevOps best practices.

We support a variety of projects, including:

  • Infrastructure-as-code
  • CI/CD pipelines
  • Automation
  • Logging, monitoring, and observability
  • Integrating security into your software delivery lifecycle
  • Evolving your platform as an internal product
  • Building or re-tooling your AWS foundation (account structure, governance, networking, security) to support DevOps workflows

Want to learn more? Check out our DevOps-focused case studies or get in touch with us at

Data & Analytics

Clarity. Simplicity. Control.

In a world that’s driven by data, it’s important to define your organization’s strategy. It’s not just knowing what data you have, but what data is important, what you should do with it, and how you can use it gain business value.

When it comes to helping you utilize your data, 1Strategy delivers clarity, simplicity, and control. The responsibility of monitoring large amounts of data is crushing. The task of curating that data is overwhelming. The demand for useful data has never been higher.

Let us help lighten the load.

1Strategy can help with:

  • Building a Data Lake on S3
  • Architecting a Data Warehouse with Redshift
  • Building cost effective Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) workflows in AWS
  • Using DynamoDB for NoSQL data needs
  • Building and securing Elasticsearch clusters
  • Supporting real-time data needs with Kinesis and Lambda
  • Creating and deploying ML models in AWS
  • Building and securing a graph database with Amazon Neptune
  • Using AWS Batch for large workloads
  • Utilizing Database Migration Service (DMS) to migrate your database with no downtime

Need training on Data workflows in AWS? We offer:

  • Data Batch workflows
  • Data Streaming workflows

To find out how we’ve helped customers effectively manage and analyze their data, please refer to our Case Studies:


Whether you are already benefiting from Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) various data tools or are looking to get started in unlocking your data’s potential, 1Strategy can help you determine a better solution for your data models and increase accuracy and efficiency of forecasting.


Security is considered “Job Zero” at AWS, and 1Strategy is no different. It is top of mind for our consultants and integrated into every engagement. Whether it’s addressed as part of a well-architected review or implemented as part of a sweeping organizational transformation, our team has worked with customers ranging from nimble start-ups to established international enterprises required to meet the most stringent security and compliance requirements.
Our security offerings include:
  • Migration Preparation: lay a secure foundation before migrating workloads to AWS.
  • Compliant Environments: create a hardened and isolated environment for PCI, HIPAA, or FedRAMP workloads, and implement security baselines such as CIS.
  • Security Review & Remediation: get a security checkup to assess where you’re at and get help addressing findings as part of a security-focused well-architected review (WAR).
  • Foundational Services: configure the core AWS security services and follow best practices in your AWS environments.
  • General Security Advisory: get help with specific security needs, such as implementing custom security controls, automatic remediation, container and serverless hardening, vulnerability scanning, data classification and discovery, DDoS protection, and CI/CD security.
Find out more about how we have helped our customers:


Cost Optimization

AWS offers a number of approaches and pricing options; 1Strategy will help you choose the right fit for your company.

As an APN Premier Consulting Partner, 1Strategy empowers you to take control of your AWS costs while giving you flexibility to maintain the performance, capacity, and scalability need to achieve your business goals. Our experts will compare your workload to AWS best practices and look for ways to save you money.

By relying on our extensive experience with design principles and architectural best practices, we clearly identify cost saving opportunities, then we give you tools and expertise to implement them.

1Strategy can help you:

  • Measure, monitor and efficiently manage your cost month by month.
  • Right size your infrastructure so you don’t spend more than you need—saving up to 60 percent.
  • Leverage autoscaling and increase the elasticity of your computing environment.
  • Establish a baseline to determine what to purchase.
  • Go beyond just understanding how to cost optimize – we actually help you do it.

Take control of your AWS usage costs with the help of 1Strategy!


We know determining what AWS services and options are best for your business can be a big undertaking. That’s why we serve as a mentor, teacher and resource to help take the burden off your teams. We’re here to help you learn about the tools and best practices so they can become knowledgeable about the AWS ecosystem.

1Strategy can help you:

  • Create and deliver customized training tailored to focus on the AWS services you use.
  • Educate your teams to become knowledgeable about AWS.
  • Empower your teams to think about ongoing migration to the AWS cloud.
  • Confidently apply cloud computing best practices while building competencies within teams throughout your organization.

Create a Cloud Center of Excellence – a team responsible for developing best practices for your organization’s AWS needs.

Machine Learning Operations

Validation + Automation = Insight

We hear about Machine Learning (ML) everywhere these days, but few teams have the skill, personnel, and time to take advantage of ML insights. Even under the right conditions, many companies struggle to put a machine learning solution into production. With 1Strategy’s help, you can learn and utilize ML services on AWS to create new business opportunities.

1Strategy can help your team provide actionable business insights through deploying ML models, validate the effectiveness of your models, and automate testing and redeployment into production.

Let us help you to leverage the skills you have to get over the line with Machine Learning.

1Strategy can help you to build the key ingredients to a successful ML Operations (MLOps) deployment:

  • A continuous integration pipeline with CodeBuild, CodePipeline, and CodeDeploy
  • Feature engineering decoupled from training using SageMaker notebooks and AWS Glue
  • Automated model evaluation and deployment with SageMaker built-in algorithms
  • Proper model versioning
  • Automated model deployment using SageMaker Endpoints
  • Model/data parallelism at scale
  • Inference/training instance right sizing for SageMaker instances or containers
  • Data curation and validation using SageMaker Ground Truth
  • Selection and implementation of AWS services appropriate to your team’s capabilities
  • Deployment of specific ML solutions in AWS managed services: Forecast, Personalize, Comprehend, and Rekognition

Need training on MLOps in AWS? We offer Machine Learning Immersion days.

To find out how we’ve helped customers to effectively implement ML solutions, please refer to our Case Studies:


Networking is involved in almost every aspect of Amazon Web Services. 1Strategy is here to help you navigate the variety of options available within AWS so you can choose the best solutions for your architecture. Whether your environment is hybrid cloud or completely in AWS, we can help you leverage services such as Amazon Route 53, AWS Transit Gateway, AWS Site-to-Site VPN, AWS Elastic Load Balancing, and more.

1Strategy can help with:

  • Hybrid cloud connectivity between on-premise data centers and AWS VPCs
  • Hybrid and complex DNS architectures
  • Migrations from on-premise or AWS accounts
  • Connections between multiple VPCs with complex routing
  • Load balancing between multiple availability zones
  • Centralized ingress/egress networking architectures
  • Implementing WAF, CloudFront, and more

To find out more about how we’ve helped our customers with networking, please refer to our Case Studies:

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