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Cost Optimization

As an APN Premier Consulting Partner, we empower you to take control of your AWS costs. 

We help you achieve your business goals while giving you the tools to maintain performance, capacity, and scalability. Our experts will compare your workload to AWS best practices and help your business find the pricing option that’s right for you.  

By relying on our extensive experience with design principles and architectural best practices, we identify cost saving opportunities, then we give you tools needed to implement them. 

1Strategy helps you: 

Measure, monitor, and efficiently manage your costs month by month

Right size your infrastructure so you don’t spend more than you need—saving up to 60 percent

Leverage autoscaling and increase the elasticity of your computing environment

Establish a baseline to determine what to purchase
Ready to take control of your AWS usage costs? Get started with 1Strategy today.

Results that speak for themselves

Elevating your AWS experience isn’t just our goal, it’s our guarantee. Discover some of our previous projects.