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Data & Analytics

In a data-driven world, defining your strategy drives everything. Which is why knowing your data and how to apply it to your business matters.

While helping you utilize your data, we deliver clarity, simplicity, and control. The responsibility of monitoring, curating, and keeping up with the demand of big data can be overwhelming for any organization.  This is where our team comes in. 

1Strategy helps you:

Build a data lake on S3

Architect a data warehouse with Redshift

Build cost effective Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) workflows in AWS

Use DynamoDB for NoSQL data needs

Build and secure Elasticsearch clusters

Support real-time data needs with Kinesis and Lambda

Create and deploy ML models in AWS

Build and secure a graph database with Amazon Neptune

Use AWS Batch for large workloads

Utilize Database Migration Service (DMS) to migrate your database with no downtime

Need some extra training on data workflows in AWS? We offer recommendations on: data batch workflows and data streaming workflows.

To find out how we’ve helped customers effectively manage and analyze their data, please refer to our Case Studies: 

Results that speak for themselves

Elevating your AWS experience isn’t just our goal, it’s our guarantee. Discover some of our previous projects.