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Security is considered “Job Zero” at AWS, and 1Strategy is no different. It’s top of mind for our consultants and integrated into everything we do.

From well-architected reviews to sweeping organizational transformation, our team has worked with customers across the spectrum to meet the most stringent security and compliance requirements.

1Strategy helps you with: 

Migration Preparation

Secures the foundation before migrating workloads to AWS.

Compliant Environments

Creates a hardened and isolated environment for PCI, HIPAA, or FedRAMP workloads, and implements security baselines such as CIS.

Security Review & Remediation

Provides a security checkup to assess where you’re at and helps address findings as part of a well-architected review.

Foundational Services

Configures the core AWS security services and follows best practices in your AWS environments.

General Security Advisory

Helps with specific security needs, such as implementing custom security controls, vulnerability scanning, data classification and discovery, and so much more.  

Find out more about how we have helped our customers:

Results that speak for themselves

Elevating your AWS experience isn’t just our goal, it’s our guarantee. Discover some of our previous projects.